Dishwasher, Washing Machine & Dryer Connections

Levstein & Stern provides dishwasher installation, washing machine and dryer connections.

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Dishwasher and Washing Machine Connections

Installing a new dishwasher and washing machine or replacing an old one should not be attempted if you don't have any plumbing knowledge.

Levstein & Stern can expertly install and connect your domestic appliances, ensuring they are safely fixed to the water supply and drain line. Our plumbers provide fast, reliable and efficient service whatever your plumbing needs.

Professional domestic appliance installation and connections

Dishwasher, Washing Machine and Dryer Connections Etobicoke
Dishwasher, Washing Machine and Dryer Connections North York

Your Industrial Plumbing Solution

Levstein & Stern specializes in a number of industrial plumbing services including general plumbing, gas-fitting, carbon monoxide testing, backflow prevention, and other repair and maintenance jobs.

We believe in doing the job right the first time and don't cut corners. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Hand your industrial plumbing projects to reputed plumbers in the region!

Offering expert industrial plumbing services


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  • Over 35 years of experience
  • Wide range of plumbing services
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  • Standardized and scheduled maintenance
  • City mandated backflow prevention
  • Residential, commercial and industrial plumbing

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